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Frequently Asked Questions: Emergency and Urgent Care - Colorado Urgent Care
Frequently Asked Questions: Emergency and Urgent Care - Colorado Urgent Care


Only CATEGORY 1 Urgent Care in all of Colorado Springs

Use EmergiCare to save time and money for most all general medical needs, common bone breakages, routine medical checkups, and physicals. If you need services that we do not currently have under our roof, then we are always able to refer you to proven specialists we trust such as OBGYN, Cardiology, Neorology, Diabetes, Dermatolgy etc.

You and your health are priority number one. If you are ever not sure whether you must go to the ER, just call us and we will make sure you are able to make an informed decision, quickly.

Colo. Spgs - I-25 & Bijou: (719) 302-6942 (402 W Bijou)
Colo. Spgs - Academy & Austin Bluffs: (719) 594-0046 (4083 Austin Bluffs Parkway)
Colo. Spgs - Academy & Hancock: (719) 390-7017 (3002 S Academy)
Pueblo - off I-25 and Hwy 50: (719) 545-0788 (4117 N Elizabeth)

Broken bones, wound care, back pains, stuffy noses, altitude sickness, dehydration, etc

So you can have time left in your day and money in your pocket; be seen quickly and without the thousand dollar-plus facility starting fees - while maintaining and surpassing the overall quality and care you receive.

If you ever had a deep cut or thought you might have broken something; then traditionally you may go straight to the emergency room – worrying, the entire trip over, about the huge expense and the hours of waiting you were about to have to endure. STOP. EmergiCare has been handling emergency medicine throughout Southern Colorado for over 30 years now - at our consistent award winning calibur -, and maybe you too should discover why thousands of businesses, and far more individuals, continue to use us exclusively because of the fair pricing and top-tier care we give … at a consistency we take great pride in.

  • Convenience: With one facility open 7-days a week, EmergiCare has two locations on I-25 and two locations on Academy.
  • Speed: Be seen immediately instead of waiting the typical 4-6 hours
  • Quality: Stricter standards of doctor credentials, education, and history than even most hospitals. EmergiCare does not cut corners to save money - you will always be seen by a doctor, never just an assistant.
  • Affordability: At 1/10th the cost of hospitals and same bracket as urgent care facilities, you get the highest quality service at the lowest price bracket available.
  • Personal Touch: Our doctors, network, and supporting staff all work together and communicate openly on how to best serve and treat you. Our family will treat you as an extension unto itself.
  • Follow-up: After your initial visit, our doctors call you to make sure that you are healing properly and that your body is accepting the medications. Our number one priority is making sure you recover quickly and feel better during the process, that is our reputation and we proudly continue to maintain it every single day.

EmergiCare is privately-owned and has four clinics conveniently located throughout Colorado Springs and Pueblo (two [2] on I-25 and two [2] on Academy.) We are equipped to handle emergency situations expertly, quickly, and affordably - and will care for you in a quiet, comfortable home-like setting without the stress of an emergency room experience.

  • Speed: Zero wait - Once you check in, you will immediately be seen for a full vital screening to evaluate the level of urgency you require. If we see you are in a state of emergency then we will make sure the doctor is brought in right away.
  • Cost: We are proud to deliver top tier doctors at the price bracket of urgent care practices and are the only medical clinics able to make this promise. This means that a trip to the hospital that costs between $2,000 to $6,000+ will only be whatever your insurance co-pay is, or if paying by self, $200 to $600. That is 1/10th the cost of a hospital!
  • Quality: Sooner than any other medical care provider, urgent care or hospital - and in the same price bracket as urgent cares - only EmergiCare guarantees you’ll always see a doctor and their full supporting team, not just a physician’s assistant or other supporting staff member on their own.
  • Convenient Locations: We have the most convenient locations of any urgent care provider in the Pikes Peak region (two [2] on I-25 and two [2] on Academy.)
  • 360 Degree Care: When seen at EmergiCare, we try to provide as many physician services on site, including physical therapy or other follow-up care; we take care of you from initial visit to full recovery at any of the four locations most convenient to you.
  • Community: EmergiCare Walk-in Medical Clinics (the original urgent care of Colorado) are locally-owned and proud sponsors of many Colorado Springs and Pueblo groups. We have been proudly looking after the Southern Colorado community for well over 30 years and still leading the pack.
  • Specialist Network: EmergiCare allies are the best of the best. EmergiCare is not required to refer to any specific group or doctor for specialist needs, but instead are able to refer you to only doctors and facilities we know will take care of you best. This is a luxury we are very proud to be allowed, and you will be too.

EmergiCare will treat almost everything an emergency room treats, as well as, what you would expect from a traditional family practice. Our facilities also include EKG, pharmaceuticals, lab testing, and computerized x-ray at each location. You can walk in, appointment or not, and receive top notch care for everything from minor surgery, to flu shots, to school physicals, to drug and alcohol testing. EmergiCare is also a major provider of work injury treatment and rehabilitation through follow-up care with our doctors, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and psychology.

  • Cuts, scrapes and broken bones
  • Headaches, stomachaches
  • Back pain
  • Flu symptoms
  • Sports injuries
  • Work-related injury
  • Illnesses of all kinds for adults, infants, children, and teens
  • Automobile accidents

EmergiCare doctors are highly-trained in urgent care and emergency medicine. All of our doctors are licensed and have received medical degrees from top universities. We recruit all over the country for the best urgent care talent. Unlike most hospitals, EmergiCare requires their physicians to have had or working to obtain a U.S. residency and Board Certification.

Unlike hospitals that are required to refer you to the doctor on-call, EmergiCare physicians have the luxury of referring you to any specialist who we feel is the most appropriate and who will deliver the absolute best medical care to meet your needs. We have carefully selected specialists who have earned our trust.

We accept most all insurance plans, except for Medicaid or Medicare. If yours isn’t one of these, we can send the insurance company a courtesy bill to assist you in possibly obtaining reimbursement for your upfront payment, excluding Medicaid or Medicare. (NOTE: that this does not guarantee you will be reimbursed by your insurance company.) If you don’t have insurance or are underinsured, we are happy to serve you. You’ll find our prices are substantially less than what you’d pay in an emergency room, at least a 1/10th the price of an emergency room, ie $200 instead of $2000, etc…

Out-of-Pocket Payments: We always offer $15 OFF for anyone paying the bill, in full, at the time of treatment - that’s a free prescription fill or 3-5 coffees at your favorite corner shop!

FREE Vital Evaluations: Yes, if you need or want to know your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry numbers, height & weight, and calculated body mass - then just stop by and we will let you know, free of charge, every time.

We at EmergiCare are always willing to listen to your needs and attempt to find a way that we can help! Sometimes we can help through volunteer power and others through financial. Has your group designated EmergiCare as your primary health care provider for work-injuries and occupational medicine? It is free (and because we are a highly rated SelectNet provider, most groups get discounts on their insurance policies) and will help you understand why you want us as a sponsor, not just for the volunteers or funding but because of the unprecedented and highest quality services we provide our shared community at the lowest price bracket in the market of all health care providers. We want to make sure you know who would potentially be backing you and your cause.